2. Your Personality (What style attitudes and colors do
    you favor in your wardrobe? How do you express your
    inner beauty in clothing and accessories?)
3. Your Lifestyle (What do you do for work? For leisure?
    What are your roles in life? What are  your professional
    and  personal goals? Does your wardrobe support the
    different roles/ areas of your lifestyle?)
4. Your Creativity (Do you believe in your innate creativity?
    Do you agree with this statement?:  “My feeling is that the
    concept of creativeness and the concept of the healthy
    self-actualizing, fully human person seem to be coming closer
    and closer together, and may perhaps turn out to be
    the same thing.”  –Abraham Maslow.)  
1. Your Body Design (Do you know your
    Body Design based on the elements of art?
    How do you relate it to similar and harmonious
    design elements in clothing? )
  1.  Click on brooch pic to view my article on accessories, Style with a Kick, FACE Magazine.
Own your Beauty & Love your Style
  1. Press play to view movie (below) of Caitlin S.,  a young law student, in a sample mini-analysis of clothing vis-á-vis her Body Design.
Beauty & style at every age: Above Ruth C., 87,  in her soft natural design & colors. At left, in dramatic colors, grounded by black within the print and in her accessories head-to-toe.
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Photo credits: 1. footnotesonline.com  2.www.carosta.com  3. purseblog.com 4.
  1. My article for the plus-size woman: Personal Style with Substance, Part 2, EXTRA Woman Magazine
  1. My article for the Asian woman: Brave New Style, FACE Magazine.
Personal Design Consultations
“You have one life to live.
Dare to be beautiful.
Dare to be yourself.”
--- Helen V. Connor,
 ‘See Your Beauty & Change Your World’
“See Your Beauty & Change Your World Beauty &   Your Your Own Love Style. ” My Style Mantra Quoting myself 
“If you own only one original work of art in your life -- let it be YOU!”                                                                                          -- Helen V. Connor,
We work together in our consultations to bridge the world of ever-changing Fashion and the world of Individual Style through the body as art and creativeness as a way of life.
        In the process, my  goal is to help you simplify your life – you save time, buy better, consume less; you will learn to be more selective, more authentic, more beautiful in your personal presentation if and whenever you choose. As we progress, the more you trust your innate creativity, the less you need me, the happier I become!  In the end, you will truly “own your Beauty and love your Style.”
My comprehensive approach to
Individual Style focuses on 4 aspects
of your Personal Design:
I formulated 3 Premises of Individual Style as the
the foundation of my consultations:
“I believe that ‘diversity’ is not only politically correct, it is humanly correct.  Any social change comes with new language and new laws. I believe beauty and style belong to every woman; I contend it will be the language of art and the laws of aesthetics that will free us, with dignity, from the constraints and image stereotypes of the past.”   -- Helen V. Connor, from Redefining Beauty for the 21st Century
For over two decades, my writings, seminars, and design consultations
were created to educate women
and men, too, who will provide the
critical mass necessary to make this significant social change.                                        
     Together we can mutually help each other to reduce our carbon footprint! I analyze your Body Design via digital photos you send on a CD. No travel and no in-person meeting required.
       Over the years, I have offered this design analysis with photos for clients who lived too far away to consult with  me in person, with great success.  
       Now in 2008, for the first time, my unique Personal Design Consultation via digital photos will come to you as an individualized DVD with recorded commentary of your photos that you can view over and over again.
        Because each client has individual needs and come to this with her own understanding, I follow-up with a phone call anywhere in the US and, for now, by e-mail for international clients, to answer any questions you may have.
This unique consultation, which helps you to be more selective and to buy better and consume less, includes:  
  1.   Your Body Design™ Analysis based on the elements of art to discover clothing design elements that are in harmony with your Body Design; a critique of selected outfits from your closet, your hairstyle, glasses if you wear them, and other accessories.
  2.   “What’s Your Style?” Analysis. What style attitudes express your personality now? What style would you like to incorporate? What colors do you currently favor?  Together, I will guide you to pinpoint your best Style Attitudes; to understand levels of refinement, the importance of fit; and more.
  3.   Lifestyle Analysis. Simple questionnaire to assess your needs.
  4.   Basic Color and Wardrobe guidelines for an “Adaptable Basics  Wardrobe’ to dress the lifestyle area of your choice. How to apply the Techniques of Visual Interest.
  1.   Some Online Window Shopping to spark your creativity can be added for an extra hourly fee.
If you are interested in this digital photo/DVD consultation, please contact me at hvconnor@astreet.com for fee and a list of photos I will need.

AVAILABLE in June 2008 
The Design for Each ™ Color Palette Analysis via digital photos. 
Today’s technology has allowed me to provide distance body design consultations, without sacrificing individualization.  Beginning in June 2008, I will also offer this same service for Color Analysis, while keeping my longtime commitment to individualizing the process and not resorting to pre-packaged color palettes. As digital cameras have improved to give truer color and as printers and archival inks and papers allow for truer reproduction, I have found a method to provide my individualized color analysis. Click here to see an example of my Color Palette Analysis via digital photo. 

If you are interested in this digital photo Color Palette Analysis consultation, please contact me at hvconnor@astreet.com. http://www.designforeach.com/my_articles/Caitlin%20Final%20Color%20Charts,%20v%202,%20w:pic.pdfmailto:hvconnor@astreet.comshapeimage_16_link_0shapeimage_16_link_1
The Design for Each ™ 
Personal Design Consultation via digital photos ...
1. Beauty belongs to every woman, and she can learn to see it
    through the elements of art, which allows her own natural
    instinct for what looks beautiful on herself to come alive!
2. Any woman who desires a style that is recognizably
    her own can learn to develop it by exercising
    her creativity, guided by laws of aesthetics
    and the techniques of visual design.
3. Striving for beauty and creativity in
    our lives is healthy, in as much as
    it leads to a greater sense of well-being,
    self-acceptance, and self-appreciation.
For photo credits. see below.
In Tune with Technology.
In Step with an Eco-friendly World.
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