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(1) my unique Design for Each Personal Design Consultation via digital photos which will come to you as an individualized DVD with recorded commentary of your photos that you can view over and over again, or
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Design for Each Distance Learning Program for Professionals 
Taught by                                   the originator of the Body’s Design Pattern paradigm and award-winning designer with expertise in instructional design, this distance learning program is being developed for the professional consultant who wishes to pursue high aesthetic standards and educational excellence in the fields of beauty, personal style, image, and fashion guided by research, innovation, and continuous review.  

Coming in January 2009
Course I: Body Design™ and Individual Style
Summary:  Imagine a course that begins with your own Personal Design Consultation as an individualized DVD with commentary by Helen Villa Connor that you can view over and over again -- this is the first instructional material to this unique course to help train ‘your eye’ to see, in turn, the Body Design of every client and, thus, teaching each to own her beauty and to develop an individual style she will love!  You will learn in-depth Helen’s ground-breaking and innovative concepts as published in the textbook for this course, The Triumph of Individual Style, guided by the pedagogy she developed in the Teacher’s Guide of this text. In addition, she will teach you her unique system of assessing one’s Style Attitudes, the concept of levels of refinement, about accessorizing, how to apply in greater depth the techniques of visual interest, and how to create an Adaptable Basics Wardrobe.  

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