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Own your Beauty & Love your Style
“In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”-- Andy Warhol

More important to me than my fleeting “15 minutes of fame” years ago is the endurance of my ideas and concepts about beauty and personal style that have improved the quality of women’s lives. I also value greatly the ideas of others that contribute to our sense of beauty and style -- hence, here I include links to articles and to some of my favorite internet sites that inform us of beauty tips, fitness, nutrition, and food for the mind and spirit to enhance our beautiful selves.
“Feminine beauty today includes such qualities as confidence and self-acceptance, strength and intelligence, health and individual style.”
      -- Helen V. Connor
General Health and Nutrition Info

Diversity Diet

What Makes it ORGANIC
Closet Organization: BBW article

Ask the Decorator 

Small closet tips 

Large Walk-in Closet tips 

Design for Each: own your beauty, love your style 
online version

Nashville, The City Paper, Lifestyle: 
Turn a big head into an itty-bitty fashion feature

Best Body Magazine article
Tips on fit, full bosom, swim wear.
Shaped Asian Eye Makeup Techniques

Makeup Lessons in 5 minutes of less...

Tyra Banks’ Makeup Lessons 
    Part One
    Part Two

How to Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

What’s in your favorite bath and body products?

Essential Oils in the Bible
Martin Seligman on the State of Psychology

Benjamin Zander on Music and Passion

Brian V. Connor Classical Pianist

Oprah’s Web Event of Eckhard Tolle’s
A New Earth

Life goes on, even if you aren’t looking
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