Discover Your Body Design.  
Dress who you are.
      .... with my timeless paradigm
to See Your Beauty, and Change 
Your Fashion point-of-view forever.
Each human is uniquely different.
Like snowflakes, the human pattern is never
cast twice.”
-Alice Childress, playwright.
“Everybody’s beautiful in their own way.”
-Ray Stevens, songwriter
        Your body has unique beauty -- revealed in the combination
of design elements that is yours alone; that never existed before, never to be cast again. Together, the colors and textures of your skin, hair, and eyes; the lines and shapes, proportion and scale found in your body and facial features comprise Your Body Design™.  Marvel at it. I honor it -- with my timeless Body’s Design Pattern paradigm©:
(COLOR & TEXTURE) + BODY PARTICULARS =Your Body Design          
        At Design for Each, I teach this powerful language
of Art to help you own your beauty and take charge of your appearance -- that “jugular of self-esteem”.  The makeovers that we see in every style, fashion, or TV talk show today, all present the positive effects fashion can make. However, they give little in the way of  understanding how to master one’s individual style, so you can do it yourself; to replicate the effects with confidence when the so-called “expert” is not around. Knowing your unique Body Design™ through the elements of Art is the killer key that frees your creativity to unlock your Individual Style:
Your Body Design + Your innate CREATIVITY =
Your Individual Style
        True Individual Style embraces all of you: It enhances Your Body Design™. It reflects your personality. It supports your multi-faceted lifestyle. It invites your innate creativity: In the Design for Each Consultations, you learn to harness, refine, and trust your natural instincts to choose from an overstocked marketplace only the clothing that you love; that have a ‘vibrational match’, so to speak, with your body’s outward design and your inner being. When you do, you will “Dress who you are” –  thus, displaying a signature style with ease, regardless of your stage in life, your budget, or cultural background; whatever the occasion, your work and profession, or aspirations in life.  
Self-transforming; in Step with a Changing World.
          Let Design for Each™ teach you my time-tested (since 1983) and Art-inspired approach to beauty and style for our
21st century world. Through the language of art and principles
of design, I help you erase old fashion myths and break molds of beauty stereotypes of the past; you become more selective and discriminating in your purchases. Moreover, at Design for Each™, we are committed to teaching you how to make fashion relevant with an eco-friendly attitude: The more you understand your Body Design, the less you need to buy. It will pay off for you today. It will pay off for our world tomorrow.
• At Design for Each™, you learn the context for                  
  motivation to buy better and consume less.
• At Design for Each™, you learn to bridge the mercurial world of Fashion and the satisfying world of Individual Style through the Body as Art; to create a long-lasting, beautiful and serviceable wardrobe while being true to yourself.  
• In the end, you will be practicing what may appear to be a contradiction: Your Body Design™ forces you to be disciplined even while you are being creative. As in all Art, in the art of personal style, first, we master the rules. Then bend them. Even learn to break and forget them!  
The Artist’s Perspective:
Twenty-five years ago, long before there was today’s Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, I originated the Body’s Design Pattern paradigm and then co-authored The Triumph of Individual Style (Fairchild Books, New York) to redefine beauty for the 21st century; to restore our humanity in fashion for our health and sense of well-being.  I was greatly inspired by Edouard Manet’s painting, l’Olympia, (pictured above with me at Musée d’Orsay in Paris) and by other master works of women in art. Manet’s masterpiece L’Olympia also appears in my book, page 5:
Press play and download (about 2 min.) to view more Women in Art through the ages and be inspired to discover your own unique Body Design. Credit: Posted on YouTube and created by Philip Scott Johnson, aka eggman913
My Design for Each process is a balance between objective thinking and instinct.
Own your Beauty & Love your Style
from The Triumph of Individual Style ©
by Fairchild Books, N.Y.
An overview: how to discover Your Body’s Design Pattern
from The Triumph of Individual Style ©
by Fairchild Books, N.Y.
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