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“During the day I spent with Helen, she demonstrated her depth of knowledge in personal design by teaching me about my own Body’s Design Pattern. During our interview, she was able to deliver to my audience, in a short span of time, a profound truth about beauty that touches all women. I’m happy the KCSM TV, an educational PBS channel, was able to showcase her very timely message.
I sensed in Helen Connor a person with integrity
and honesty. The image industry is fortunate
to have her in its ranks.”
-- Lailee van Dillen, author and Television Host of
“Authors & Critics, KCSM, a PBS station, San Mateo, Ca.
Click to download (about 2 min.) and view PBS Authors and Critics interview with Helen Villa Connor.
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Design for Each: own your beauty, love your style Sacramento Bee, Scene (longer download):   Beauty and Truth Los Altos Town Crier, Your Health:        Unlocking that Beautiful You San Jose Mercury News, Profile: Ageless Beauty Birmingham Post, London: Putting choice back into the female image         Below are select press clippings from our initial publication to today.  So ahead of its time that what was news then, is still news now... but then, the language of art is universal and timeless.  And while Fashion is certainly here to stay, for our bane or 
for our pleasure, the quest for individual beauty and style is what was and still is happening now.  Today’s beauty, as seen through the artist’s perspective, is about celebrating that each of us is 
a unique expression of Life. Uniqueness is what makes us each different and is what we all have in common. Clothes are merely a vehicle for showing this specialness, if and whenever we choose.  
-- Helen V. Connor
My mission has always been to redefine beauty for the 21st century. First published in 1993, in the INTRODUCTION of The Triumph of Individual Style, I wrote the following about: Beauty Today
In every age, women have wanted to feel beautiful and attractive for a variety of reasons.
    Today, we are experiencing a dramatic shift in the meaning of beauty that has freed us from the shackles of all past ideals and standards of perfection. ... to read more
And in CHAPTER 8, Your innate creativity, I wrote this:        
    “Creativity is the heart of personal style; self-acceptance is its soul. The more contented the soul -- that is, the more you esteem yourself and honor your body as beautiful, the stronger that creative pulse will beat -- and the more life you will give to your personal style...
    Personal style is an act of self-definition that is driven by the human need to exercise and proclaim our sense of beauty and creativity about our bodies. It happens best...to read more
Tacoma News Tribune, Sound Life Magazine cover story: Customized Clothes Nashville, The City Paper, Lifestyle: How Many Perfect People Can You Fit in a Rectangle?
Using the language of art to change perceptions of feminine beauty, for over 25 years Helen Villa Connor has been a leading voice in redefining beauty and individual style for all women, regardless of age, size, shape, or color. Her book is used by design schools across the country and by fashion/image consultants internationally.
Nashville, The City Paper, Lifestyle: Turn a big head into an itty-bitty fashion feature
What Others Say:
  1.  Helen Connor has an eye for beauty and a way of unveiling it that brought it to life for me despite years of negative self-talk. Helen helped me to see and appreciate my inherent assets, traits both physical and spiritual that endure through time, beyond fads and many of today’s standards which deny the beauty of the individual. Who else can I really be but me. With Helen’s concrete, simple guidance for choosing styles and colors that highlight my true assets, I am more confident about my appearance, more centered in my sense of self. -- Etta K.
  1.  Thank you so very much for your extremely astute and expert body design analysis. I was astounded at how perceptive and accurate your observations are given the quality of the photos I sent you. Even though, you were able to decipher the truth!   -- Nancy L.
  1.  Ms. Connor’s new concepts of style and form break fresh ground in the discipline. Speaking as an editor of a women’s fashion magazine, I can honestly say that we have never seen anything like it. Further, her linkage of style and substance, seeking to lead her clients toward a positive, self-activated lifestyle, has raised her effort above those of the vain or merely mundane to a higher and more meaningful level.  -- Peter T.
  1.  Dear Helen.
Thank you for a lifetime companion of a book! I picked up the book again this week. Again read it cover to cover.  Did some of the exercises.  Surprise, surprise...  I could see! ... I took out my leotard and have asked a couple of friends to be the photographers. I am excited to embark on this adventure with your expert help.
--Ana N.
  1.  I have watched Helen work with women on a one-on-one basis. She is inspirational, honest, and right-on. She gives them realistic information that they can go home with and apply to their personal situations. I consider her the best!
--Linda L.
  1.  Helen, you are really fantastic! The presentation was great! You have a special gift that makes everyone feel good about themselves.  -- Fran G.
  1.  Helen portrays the characteristics of inner and outer beauty herself. It is because of her caring and sincerity that you trust her; it is because of her compassion and wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it that you want to work with her. Her passion and commitment for all women to experience beauty and well-being makes her an award-winning woman and pioneer in this industry.
-- Catherine M.
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